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The Benefits of Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Orthotics are specially designed devices that control abnormal functioning or painful areas of the foot. The orthotics we prescribe at East End Chiropractic are made of a rigid plastic that is formulated based on your weight (so they have just the right amount of flexibility).  After identifying that a patient has a biomechanical problem that can be helped with orthotics, Dr. Olsen makes a perfect foam-based impression of the feet and sends them to Sole Supports, a very highly-rated orthotics lab located in Lyles, TN.  Check out their website at

Sole Supports Orthotics - East Nashville - East End Chiro

These devices correct irregular or abnormal walking patterns by restoring the natural arch of the bottom of the foot. They are prescribed for foot problems, pain in the ankles, knees, hip, pelvis, and spine. These devices help prevent foot misalignment that can alter the way that bones move within joints, thereby improve functioning of the foot and minimize pressure that could lead to foot pain and deformity. Although versions of these products are available over-the-counter, a custom-designed version is recommended for most patients.

Does every patient need orthotics? No.  Dr. Olsen only prescribes orthotics to patients who have a clinical need for these devices.  Many people specifically DO NOT need orthotics.  It is very important to be assessed by a qualified clinician before getting prescription orthotics.

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