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Tornado + Coronavirus Pandemic = Major Disruption

  • On March 2, severe tornadoes ripped a path through East Nashville. Our building was in the path.
  • The building sustained extensive damage, causing it to be untenable for several weeks.
  • All leases related to the property were subsequently terminated.
  • Dr. Myles Crawford at Power Chiropractic, kindly lent his facilities during his off-hours as an alternate site for our practice.
  • In light of the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the alternate facility is closed until early April, 2020.
  • I fully agree that this closure is necessary, and have decided to suspend my practice until early April also.
  • We are exploring our options as it relates to establishing a new practice location, as well as possible temporary facilities for the interim.
  • The best way to contact the office at this point is by TEXT to our main office #, 615.650.6533
  • We will keep you posted as to when and where we will be seeing patients again.

Thank you for your understanding, and please do your best to STAY WELL during this global crisis.


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