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New Happenings at EEC

We are so proud to welcome our new chiropractic assistant, Courtney Tocket!  Courtney has spent several years in the dental field as a dental assistant.  After some changes in her course of study, she is ready to take on the therapeutic exercise instruction part of our office.  Everybody loves Courtney!  It’s exciting to think of how many people she will be able to help in our office.

Marah, our recently married office manager, joined us in February, 2011.  She has taken her music business background and has tweaked it extensively to become an insurance coding, billing, documentation, HIPPAA compliance, scheduling GENIUS!

New X-ray equipment.  Within the next week or so, we’ll be using our very own x-ray equipment!  No more sending our patients to a packed imaging center way across town!  Our new equipment is microprocessor- controlled to use the minimal amount of radiation to make a high-quality diagnostic image.  This X-ray machine uses about 30% less radiation than machines made just 10 years ago!

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