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Joint Pain

Joints are the space between bones that allow for proper movement and function.  Our body has many different types of joints, from those that barely move at all (e.g., the sutures in your skull) to synovial joints that move in many different directions (e.g., shoulder joints, ankle joints, hip joints, etc.).  When the joints move properly, your muscles and ligaments function at an optimal level.  This affords you proper function and no pain.  When the joints don’t move properly, however, the function of your muscles and ligaments is adversely impacted.  This is an ideal time to call to set up an appointment with a chiropractor.

There is no benefit in living with chronic pain and being at its mercy. If you have joint pain, call us today.

Joint Pain   Arthralgia (Greek for joint pain) is discomfort that occurs in a location where two bones meet.  Pain can occur in joints anywhere in the body, including the hands, back, knees, neck and shoulders.  There are many common causes of joint pain, ranging from injury (e.g., broken bones, dislocations and muscle sprains and strains) to arthritis (e.g., osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, etc.) to infectious and inflammatory diseases (e.g., autoimmune disease, bursitis, and tendonitis).

Improperly Working Joints   When joints do not work properly, it can lead to a variety of problems.  Primarily, when the joints do not work properly, the muscles and ligaments cannot function properly either.  They will tend to either shorten or elongate, depending on the joint problem.  When this occurs, they will leak chemical messengers that will irritate local tissues and nerves.  This leads to further pain and dysfunction.  It turns out to be a vicious cycle until the underlying joint problem is addressed.

Factors Affecting Joint Function   The causes of joint problems fall under one of three main categories: mechanical, chemical, and/or mental.  Macro trauma (big trauma) such as a car crash or bad fall and micro trauma (repetitive-use injury) are both mechanical factors that inhibit joint function.  An example of a chemical factor would be making dietary choices that are inflammatory, which increases the likelihood that your joints will swell more easily and become susceptible to additional injuries.  Mental factors become more apparent when people are under stress.  Many times they will get headaches, back pain, neck pain, stomach pain, etc.  Stress affects the hormones and chemicals in your body and can create an environment where healthy joint function is hard to maintain.

Chiropractors help primarily with the mechanical causes of joint pain and dysfunction; however, we are trained to deal with certain chemical and mental influences as well.  Rather than a temporary solution with medication, or risky surgery, chiropractic treatment is the primary treatment that addresses the underlying cause of joint dysfunction.  Normal ranges of motion are restored and inflammation reduced, allowing for soft tissue reactions to heal.  After a thorough examination, occasionally, the chiropractor will find that this patient would be better served by another medical professional.  If this is the case, East End Chiropractic will let you know promptly and will refer you to a professional that can provide you with the necessary treatment.

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What Is Wellness and How Does Chiropractic Care Help You Achieve It?

“Wellness” has become a buzzword nowadays, especially with the recent introduction of the Affordable Care Act, which places high emphasis on staying healthy and reducing healthcare costs. The American Chiropractic Association defines wellness as “an active process that promotes health and enhances quality of life.” I believe that in order for a person to be well enough to do the activities they enjoy, they must be given the correct tools to help them take charge of their health.

Overall Wellness - Nashville TN - Spark Marketer

Let’s talk about that stiffness in your neck that you attribute to “old age” when, in fact, you’re only 36.  Because that stiffness becomes pain when you play tennis, you rarely play anymore.  You’re starting to become sedentary (which is disastrous to your overall health) and you’re not even 40 yet. The reality of this situation is that, likely, the abnormal motion patterns in your neck that cause that stiffness and pain can be corrected with a short course of treatment by a good chiropractor.  You can then return to the tennis court, and make a huge contribution to your entire well-being.

Chiropractic care focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health. By treating the underlying issues, many symptoms resolve quickly. It is important to note a chiropractor’s approach is drug-free; in addition to their expertise in spinal manipulation/adjustment, doctors of chiropractic are trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises.

If you’re curious about how chiropractic care might help you on your path to wellness, give our office a call. We’d love to set up a consultation (free of charge!) for you to meet with me, and ask me any questions you may have.

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New Year, New Happenings

Happy 2014! There’s something so wonderful about the clean slate a new year offers us. We’ve undergone some really great changes recently at our office, and we’re excited to see what this year will bring.

Meghan Jones - Chiropractic Assistant - East End Chiro

We are proud to welcome our new Chiropractic Assistant, Meghan Jones, to the team! Meghan has primarily been working in our reception area but she will be receiving her CA certification in the next few months, which means she will become more involved with direct patient care. Our patients really love Meghan’s fun and cheerful attitude (and so do we)!

East End Chiropractic Exam Room - Nashville TN

Our exam room got a facelift during over the holidays. Marah and Meghan gave the room a fresh coat of paint and we purchased a new exam table. We will continue to freshen up the office as the year continues so come on by to see the changes!

East Nashville has welcomed some incredible new businesses in the past year. Restaurants, shops, and healthcare offices have been popping up all over the place. The only “problem” is that we now have more excuses to spend all our money close to home!

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Holiday Clinic Hours

*Please note that our hours will be different during the week of Christmas and New Years so that our staff may enjoy some time with friends and family.*

  • Monday, December 23rd: 8:00AM-1:00PM and 3:00PM-6:00PM
  • Tuesday-Friday: CLOSED for the Christmas Holiday
  • Monday, December 30th: 8:00AM-1:00PM and 3:00PM-6:00PM
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: CLOSED for the New Year Holiday

Normal Business hours will resume January 2nd.

Christmas Tree - East End Chiropractic

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year from all of us at East End Chiropractic!

-Dr. John, Marah and Meghan

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Patient Appreciation Day

We had a great time at our annual Patient Appreciation Day! Thanks to everyone who came out this past Saturday despite the rainy weather. Here are some pictures from the event.

Many thanks to Yeast Nashville for providing breakfast!

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