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What is the meaning of anti-aging, functional and regenerative medicine?

Guest blog post by Allan W. Redash, M.D.

Anti-aging medicine can be simply defined as the detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of age related decline.  If we don’t look early enough for developing issues how can we expect to prevent them? Too often we wait until either symptoms appear or abnormal values are noted and by then it is too late.

Anti Aging, Functional & Regenerative Medicine - Dr. Allen Redash

Functional Medicine is an integrative science-based approach that promotes wellness by focusing on the bio-chemically unique aspects of the patient.  It takes into account lifestyles, environment and genetics.   Interventions are based on finding the cause of each problem and not simply just treat the symptoms.

Regenerative Medicine asserts that the body can heal itself if given the proper nutrients and other healing factors.  Many traditional “treatments” are nothing more than chemicals that have not only a medicinal effect on the body but often have negative side effects.

Notice that the above definitions encompass three premises: INDIVIDUALIZATION, BALANCE, and being PROACTIVE!  The “one dosage fits all” mentality does not work and we need to move away from it.  The time to start on the path to optimal wellness is NOW!

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