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How Well Do You Know Dr. John?

Take this quiz to see how well you know your favorite chiropractor…

True or False - Nashville TN - East End Chiro

True or False?

  1. Dr. John is from the same town in North Carolina that Ava Gardner comes from.
  2. Before studying to become a Chiropractor, Dr. John studied Fine Arts.
  3. Dr. John himself has endured back pain and has been helped by chiropractic treatments.
  4. Dr. John plays the trumpet.
  5. His favorite new TV addiction is Arrested Development.
  6. In his free time, he likes to do ballroom dancing.
  7. His favorite reads are autobiographies.
  8. He met his wife on a cruise.
  9. Dr. John is a cat person.
  10. He can cook a mean crab cake.

** Answers (don’t look ahead!)

  1. True.  Dr. John is from Smithfield, NC. (near Raleigh)
  2. False. He began as a Psychology major. His parents wanted him to become a professional piano player for churches.
  3. True. This is what started Dr. John’s career. He was suffering from low back pain and a chiropractor in his church began to treat him. When his own health improved, he wanted to change course and begin his training to become a chiropractor.
  4. False. The piano.
  5. True. He says, “It is the funniest show since Seinfeld.”
  6. False. In his spare time, he likes to “putter” and do woodwork.
  7. True. He is hoping to read the new book about Steve Jobs next.
  8.  False. He met his wife at a Health Fair.
  9. False. Dr. John has a beloved dog named Bindi.
  10. True. His crab cakes are mean.
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