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Are You Toting Around Too Much Stuff?

Guest Post by Marah Harrington, Office Manager at East End Chiropractic.

Did you know there are health risks associated with carrying an excessive amount of “stuff”? Men and women alike are repeat offenders in this area. We carry heavy purses, briefcases, and computer bags, and most of us are unaware of the risks we run when carrying too many items in a bag.

Carrying a Large Purse - Nashville TN - East End Chiropractic

Many women, myself included, have fallen victim to the large-purse-phenomenon. A bag the size of a small suitcase is now still labeled a “purse” simply because it has a strap. Surely TSA will start catching on to the fact that people are now bringing the equivalent of two carry-ons, not a carry-on and a small purse! Sneaky. I have found that as I buy larger bags, I also convince myself that I need to carry so much more with me. “Why yes, I do need a box of tissues, a first aid kit, a blow dryer and three bricks. JUST IN CASE!”

As fashionable as large bags can be, they are not always practical. Most bags are not designed to equally distribute weight on our backs (the best way for us to carry things) and instead, they pull down one side of the body. Our bodies compensate for the extra weight by leaning to the opposite side, causing an unnatural stress to our spines.

We all know habits are hard to break, but this is one is worth addressing. Here are some simple tips to keep your back and neck more comfortable as you carry your belongings with you:

  • Regularly take the time to empty unnecessary items from your bag
  • Switch sides frequently so you are not placing the burden entirely on one side of your body
  • Select a briefcase or purse with a wide/adjustable strap
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