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Marah’s Chiro Story

I was first introduced to chiropractic care in January of 2010. That is when my sweet husband dislocated a few of my ribs with one of his infamous bear hugs.  There was a loud “POP” followed by a lot of pain. After a few days of lying on a bag of frozen peas, I decided it might be time for an expert’s help. Back in college, my husband herniated a disc in his lower back and immediately went to see a chiropractor. The care he received at that office in Boston not only made his issue manageable, but he was also able to avoid back surgery.

James and Marah Harrington - Nashville TN

Marah & James Harrington

So, armed with that knowledge, I (hesitantly) walked into a chiropractor’s office.  With a smile on his face, the doctor said he’d never had a patient come in because of a bear hug. Funny, but it didn’t stop the sharp pain every time I took a breath. The doctor did a thorough exam and took some x-rays before he began working on me. He showed me exactly what was going on (three dislocated ribs and quite a bit of inflammation) and told me how he planned to help me. He explained that it would be a slow process to fix what had happened but that it was possible. And the crazy thing is that he was right; it did take a little while but eventually, everything in my back was back to normal. I felt healthier than I had in a long time and happy that I cared for my body when it needed it.

I am a strong believer in the good chiropractic care can do. One of our greatest joys in this office is being able to take people from pain to wellness, from not being able to turn their neck to being able to play Ultimate Frisbee again. Regarding your spine and joint health, our goal is to get you to the place where you can do all the things you want to do (and even a few crazy things) and still be ok.

P.S.-  I’m also a believer in forgiveness for a husband who doesn’t know his own strength!

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