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Join Us For Walk For PKD On Saturday!

This weekend East End Chiropractic will be participating in a special event coordinated by some good friends of ours. There are many charities to choose to support and this Saturday we will be supporting the Walk for PKD at Shelby Park.

Join Us For Walk For PKD On Satuday - Nashville TN - East End ChiroFrom their website:
Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) — one of the most common, life-threatening genetic diseases — strikes both adults and children. It often leads to the need for dialysis and a kidney transplant. It affects thousands in America and millions worldwide, who are in urgent need of treatments and a cure.
While there are ways to manage the disease, there is no known treatment or cure. The PKD Foundation is the largest private funder for PKD research. And the Walk for PKD is one way this foundation can raise money and awareness. All money raised helps fund fellowships to underwrite PKD research. Grant money is crucial to help start new research projects and test new ideas that can pave the way towards getting results and finding therapies and treatment to help PKD patients.
If you would like to join Dr. Olsen, Dr. Calabra and Meghan this Saturday in bringing awareness and funds to this amazing organization, register here.

East End Chiropractic will be hosting a booth and provide free spinal checks to all who are interested. We are so honored to join with our friends in the community to help those who suffer from this disease find hope as they move forward.

Details are as follows:
Walk for PKD
Saturday, October 31st at Shelby Park
8am: Check in and On-site registration for the 1 Mile Walk
9am: Penny kids dash
9:30am: Walk begins!
If you can’t be there but would like to make a contribution, please follow the link above. We hope to see you this Saturday!

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Dr. Olsen takes a well-deserved Sabbatical

This August marks East End Chiropractic’s 8th year of business. If you have been a patient of ours, you know Dr. Olsen has put his caring trademark on the chiropractic business and has added a necessary health care value not only to East Nashville residents, but to the greater Nashville area and beyond. His hard work and dedication to this office has made East End Chiropractic a staple for people looking for personal, high quality, affordable chiropractic care.  It is with these sentiments that our office sends him off for a two month sabbatical.  He will spend the first couple of weeks on vacation with his wife, Erin and their son. They will travel to visit Dr. Olsen’s parents and help them celebrate 50 years of marriage! The remainder of the time will be spent resting, working on hobbies such as building furniture, and making plans for the future of East End Chiropractic.

Dr. John & Family - Nashville TN - East End Chiro

Although our beloved owner will be out through the end of September, you can still expect to receive the same level of courtesy and care from our office staff and Dr. Lauren Calabra. Dr. Calabra and Dr. Olsen have discussed many issues that our patients face and she is highly qualified and capable to continue your chiropractic care.  We are still accepting new patients by appointment. Any questions or concerns during this time can be directed to our office manager, Meghan Jones.

We could not have made it to this point without Dr. Olsen’s vision, commitment and desire to bring chiropractic health to our community. Join us in saying a huge THANK YOU and SEE YOU SOON to Dr. John Olsen!

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Got Shoes?

This month at East End Chiropractic, we have been focusing our social media, fundraiser, and blog post on the foundational needs of shoes. This month we are excited to feature a guest blog posts by Jenna Harwell from Nashville Running Company! She has a great background in the science, design, and application of running shoes. Jenna and the rest of the staff at NRC are open for any questions you may have regarding physical activity goals! We hope you enjoy her blog message and consider the options available to you for your shoe needs!

Running Shoes - Nashville TN - East End Chiropractic

From local small businesses, to big sports store chains, there are plenty of options for picking out running shoes!  At first glance, a running specialty store may seem intimidating to someone who is just starting their running endeavor. In order to avoid some aches and pains that sometimes accompany running, it’s important to be fitted with a shoe that works best for you!

When at a specialty running store, the fitting process is quite simple. A staff member will first ask if you’ve had any previous injuries and what success you’ve experience with other pairs of shoes. It’s helpful if you bring in your current running shoe so that the staff can look at your wear pattern on the soles. Keeping your injury, shoe, and running history in mind, your arch strength will be tested through a series of steps. This is to gage the level of pronation; the movement of your arches falling inward when stepping. Most people will typically pronate, but aches and pains can sometimes accompany a runner or walker who over-pronates; the arch collapsing inward past a healthy point. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some people with extremely high arches can supinate; arches rolling outward.

After you have been analyzed, a stability or neutral shoe will be recommended. When you look for shoes on your own, it can be hard to differentiate between the two types. A neutral shoe will be designed for runners who have normal pronation, while a stability shoe is designed to aide runners that over-pronate. A stability shoe will have a thicker middle part of the shoe to stop the inward rolling motion. This will improve over-all alignment so that too much pressure isn’t put on the inner part of your legs.

There are plenty of tell-tale signs when it’s time to replace your running shoes. Some feel a physical change. Personally, my knees are the first to alert me when it’s time to switch into my next pair. Some people will feel it in their shins or feet. This is simply from the breakdown of cushioning in the shoe. When a shoe starts to break down it transfers more force to your body, in turn your body starts to compensate for the increased force absorbed.

Typically, a shoe will last between 400 and 500 miles, or 6 months to a year, depending on how vigorously you are training. Shoes can last longer if you alternate between pairs of shoes or train for less mileage.

If your training mileage falls close to the 400 mile mark, then it is okay to wear the same shoes for your race. However, if your race is high mileage, you may need to purchase another pair between the time you sign up and race day!

Besides information on shoes, a local running store is staffed by people who are runners themselves. At Nashville Running Company, our staff is trained on fitness programs, injury prevention, as well as over-all health and nutrition. Whether you are training for your first 5k, or even an ultra-marathon, local running stores are great places to ask questions and explore with your training options. Asking questions is the best way to prevent injuries and have success with your running!

Check out Nashville Running Company for you next pair of shoes!

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Soles for Souls

Have you completed your spring running races? Started spring cleaning? Kids grown out of their school year shoes? Bring any of these shoes to our office as a donation!

Soles4Souls Shoe Drive - Nashville TN - East End Chiro

We are hosting a May fundraiser at the East End Chiropractic office! Please bring any new or used shoes that you no longer need and donate them to Soles4Souls. This is a wonderful organization that helps collect and distribute shoes to people in need across a national and global level.

Click here for a link to the Soles4Souls website. Please browse around and consider bringing in your shoes for a great cause!

Thanks for all your support!

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The Weather Is Warming Up. Are You?

Once you are mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to go run, it is easy to jump out the door and hit the pavement, or trails!

That is the appeal right? Running is convenient because the prep work is done quickly. However, your running times may not improve and your running seasons may be cut short if you do not consider a proper warm up and cool down routine.

So, why not do a warm up and cool down?

Running for Exercise - Nashville TN - East End Chiro

“I do not have enough time.”

Well, recovery from injury takes more time. Just saying.

If you start running too quickly without warming up you will expose yourself to risk of a tendon strain, ligament instability, or joint irritation.

If you do not cool down properly, you can risk a prolonged duration of muscle fatigue, increased heart rate, restlessness, and dehydration.

“I run fine without warming up or cooling down.”

True. Some people feel great when all they do is their mileage for that day.

A warm up and cool down routine does not need to be approached just to avoid injury. Adding a warm up and cool down routine is likely to serve as a missing link if a runner has plateaued on their performance level.

The beauty is that it can be personalized to cater to what your needs are to assist in improving your running abilities.

“I do not know what to do.”

You are probably closer to knowing what to do than you think. Movement is key.

A warm up and cool down should consist of movement patterns that would transition you from a rested state to a fully active state, in this case, a running state.

Most of the time you do not just jump out of bed and show up to work, you do some routine to prepare yourself to be there; standing up, getting dressed, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, checking the news, listening to the radio. All of these tasks are engaging your mind and body a little bit at a time to prepare for your day.

Observe collegiate or professional runners. Their routines always include a series of warm up drills and an effective cool down. Your competitive side may not be at the same level, but efficient and heathy running can be accomplished at all levels of the sport.

It is easy to debunk any truth you think you hold to not warm up or cool down.

It is vital to care for your body if you expect it to perform. Runners are quick to challenge their body with increased mileage, faster time demands, frequency in races. Runners need to be just as quick to care for their body in order to reach new challenges.

The following is an example warm up and cool down routine. Try it. Tell us what you think.

Example Schedule: 5 Mile Group Run at 6PM, Beginner Warm Up/Cool Down Routine

Warm Up and Cool Down - Nashville TN - East End Chiropractic

Warm Up

5:50-5:51: Walk around- Park further away from the starting location and walk around before getting to the round-up point.

5:51-5:52: Jumping jacks- Personal favorite! Take your time with them. Jumping jacks allow for extremity mobility, core stabilization, increased ground impact force, and increased heart rate.

5:52-5:53: Arm rotations- Swing arms across the body, overhead, to the sides counter clockwise and clockwise.

5:53-5:54: Hip swings- Stand at a fence of sign and swing your legs across your body left and right and then forward and back.

5:54-5:55: 3 10-second strides with rest in between- Take full slow strides with exaggerated form to mobilize joints and mimic your running patterns

5:55-5:56: 10 lunges- Take lunge steps forward to reach a 90 degree angle at the knees. This exercise will cause muscles to be recruited for pelvic stability.

5:56-5:57: 30-secounds high knees and 30-seconds heel kicks-This pattern helps increase activation of the hip flexors and spring activation at the Achilles tendon.

5:57-6:00: Mingle with group runners, take a quick sip of water!!


Cool Down

7:10-7:12: Short jog around the block and back.

7:12-7:13: Static stretch for the calf muscles- 2 sets of 15-second stretches per side.

7:13-7:14: Static stretch for the hip flexors- 2 sets of 15-second stretches per side.

7:14-7:15: Toe walks and heels walks- 30-seconds on toes, 30-seconds on heels.


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