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Seasons Healings

The holidays are happening. YAY!

Holiday Travel - Nashville TN - East End Chiropractic

Seeing family and friends is a priority. YAY!

Traveling is inevitable. MEH…

Traveling ergonomics need to be assessed to avoid placing the body in an injury-prone position. It is important to recognize the body’s need for balance and healthy motion.

Here are a few recommendations no matter where you are headed.


  • While at the airport….. Keep moving. Sit at an area that offers a table and chair while you wait for your plane. Do the stretches or exercises you were recommended.
  • While on the plane…..Use a lumbar support. Use a neck pillow. Wear comfortable clothing.

TRAINS: When you are from Chicago, this is still a highly utilized form of transportation!

  • Lumbar support and neck pillows are still recommended.
  • Luxury of trains… you can stand up and move around every few minutes (set a timer if you need to!)


  • Take frequent rest stops. Even with it being cold outside it is worth the stop! Tennessee has some amazing rest stops with beautiful views where you can stand up, stretch out, and get some fresh air!
  • Move the settings position on your seat every 20 minutes. This will displace forces differently on your body while you sit.
  • Driving? Keep rearview mirror up a little higher to encourage sitting up a bit straighter.
  • As said before, a lumbar roll support and a neck pillow are easy to pack.


  • Whether you have company staying with you or if you are traveling, do your best to factor in time for an exercise routine. Do not put off the recommended exercises and stretches! Realize the holidays are for celebrating and what more to celebrate than your health and the effort you put in to care for your body!


  • Get overwhelmed at the holidays? Headache prone?

UNPLUG for a while from electronics!

Take a deck of cards with you to the airport. Read a book. Listen to nothing. Go for a walk to look at holiday lights.

We hope you enjoy the holiday season and have an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. Be safe and treat yourself to some comfortable travels!

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