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Welcome, Dr. Allan Redash!

We are pleased to have Allan Redash, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., A.A.R.M. as our new neighbor in the Body In Balance building!  Dr. Redash specializes in Functional, Regenerative, and Restorative medicine.

Dr. Allan Redash & Teri Redash - Nashville TN

Expect a guest blog from him in the near future in which he will further explain how he practices medicine.  I will offer a brief summary:

Dr. Redash seeks to improve your health in a proactive manner rather than a reactive manner.  Being proactive often involves testing for nutrients, hormones, food sensitivities, toxins (and several other items) and correcting these deficiencies, imbalances, or toxicities before they become full-blown disease processes.

Functional, Regenerative, and Restorative Medicine are quickly becoming preferred methods of health care, rather than waiting for a nutritional deficiency, hormone imbalance, etc. to turn into something that requires treatment with pharmaceuticals.  It just makes sense!

If you are interested in consulting with Dr. Redash, call his office at 615.451.9810.

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