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Spinal Reconditioning

Spinal Reconditioning is a concept that you probably will not hear about at your medical doctor’s office, physical therapy clinic, or even another chiropractic office.  It is a term that describes several treatment modalities that are used in the right combination and with the right timing, can help return the spine and joints to a better state of function.

Treatment Methods

Chiropractic Adjustments

The doctor of chiropractic is trained to  locate areas of segmental dysfunction (vertebral subluxations) in the spine (and other joints of the body) and restore the proper motion and alignment to these segments.  The doctor makes these adjustments either with his hands or with an instrument called an activator.  Frequent adjustments are needed early in the treatment plan until the body adapts to its new mechanics.  After the first phase of treatment,  Spinal adjustments will be administered less frequently

Rehabilitative Exercise

Our  Therapeutic Exercise Specialist will custom-design an active rehabilitation program  to strengthen  the deep spinal, or “core,” musculature, help to maintain body alignment and target any imbalances in the  body.   Your part in reaching optimum health is to follow your individualized  exercise program  in order  to adapt to the new mechanical changes we are making.  It can also help with weight loss, poor balance, and muscle tension or discomfort.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Interferential EMS

This is a deep-penetrating electrical current that is applied to the muscles surrounding a problem area in the spine or other joint in the body. It is applied before or after a chiropractic adjustment.

What does it do?

–reduces pain

–Reduces inflammation (swelling) in the treated area

–loosens tight and spastic muscles

Custom-Molded Shoe Orthotics

What is a shoe orthotic?

A shoe orthotic is an orthopedic device that is inserted into the shoes.  Its function is to correct faulty foot mechanics while walking or running.  Poor foot mechanics is the cause of several spinal disorders.  These appliances can also be used to treat several foot disorders such as hammer-toes, bunions,  and callouses.

Why Sole Supports?

There are many manufacturers  of shoe orthoses.  However, one company stands miles ahead of all the others — Sole Supports.  When casting the patient’s feet for these appliances, the doctor gently guides the foot down into a box of collapsable foam in the pattern that the foot should reach  the floor.  Most companies require the patient to step into  a box of collapsible foam or onto a pressure plate while standing, thus casting the problem!  Also Sole Supports take into account the weight and flexibility of the patient and adjust the strength and flexibility of the orthotic material accordingly.  This is the only company that truly custom-fabricates shoe orthoses.  Visit for more info.

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