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Back Pain

The Truth About Back Pain


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Most people come to our office with some kind of back pain.  There are many different causes for back pain.  That’s why it’s important to be examined by a practitioner who can determine the cause of your pain.  Usually, we can help.  Sometimes, however, back pain can be a symptom of an internal disorder such as gallstones, kidney infection or stones, among others.  Dr. Olsen performs a thorough examination on each new patient to determine whether or not you have a condition that can be helped in our clinic.  If you have a condition that cannot be helped with chiropractic care, Dr. Olsen will refer you to the appropriate physician.

Chiropractic has a great history of alleviating back pain.  We do this by re-establishing the proper motion of the spinal column. As this takes time and patience, you will receive the best possible care and treatment plan to help you as fast as naturally possible with the pain as well as working to fix the problem at hand.

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We also may recommend a series of exercises or physical therapy to further reduce the pain while expanding the overall health and movement of the spine. This will both strengthen the small muscles along the spine as well as stretch and lengthen them for greater flexibility.

The most important thing is to start and you do that by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Olsen and getting by getting a thorough examination. Without that, you will continue to hurt and that should never be an option.

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